Cyber security is necessary in today’s world as it helps in securing data from threats such as data thefts or misuse, it also safeguards your system from viruses. Cyber security refers to technologies and processes designed to protect computers, networks, and data from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities, and attacks delivered via the internet by cybercriminals.

Cyber security protects data and Information

Prevention from unauthorized access, it controls web portal safeguards from viruses. Cyber security becomes important as businesses are being carried now on a network of networks. Computer networks have always been the target of criminals and are likely that the danger of Cyber security breaches with only increase in the future as these networks expand. there are sensible precautions that organizations can take to minimize losses from those who seek to do harm. 

Major security problems 

1. Illegal Access
2. Illegal Interceptions
3. System Interferences
4. Data Interferences
5. Misuse of Devices
6. Fraud

Cyber security is most concerned with Cyber-attacks, the main advantage of Cyber security is it will Defend from hacks and Viruses. The application of cyber-security used in our PC needs an Update Every week. The Security developers will update their database every week once hence the new virus will also be deleted.

How we can protect ourselves from Cyberattacks

Reading the privacy policy carefully when you submit the data by using strong passwords. That makes use of multifactor authentication.  As cyber security, it helps in Securing data from threats.

Confidentiality – it refers to protecting information that is been accessed by unauthorized parties. In other words, people who are authorized to do so can gain access to sensitive data.

A failure to maintain confidentiality means that someone who shouldn’t have access has managed to get it through intentional behavior or by accident. Such as failure of confidentiality which is known as a breach. Password cracking is an attack by hackers that are able to determine passwords or find passwords to different protected electronic areas and social networking sites.

Malicious and Accidental damage

Cyber accidents – accidental events that can incur loss or damage to an individual or business. Many of the same technologies are used to protect against external attacks. It also protects against cyber accidents. however, sometimes protecting against Cyber-attacks increases the probability of cyber accidents.

When considering what to do about increasing attacks their potential for devastating impact and the fact we are now more vulnerable it is clearer why automated cyber security is of growing importance.

Considering the industry that has been providing clients with defense-oriented solutions for a decade. Many solutions are on the way to become standard to use.

Skills required for Cyber security

-> Grasping a big picture
-> Management skills
-> Soft skills
-> Technical skills

The frequency of today’s attack is unprecedented. The threats are evolving at such a rapid pace that it is wholly invested in the security industry that has a hard time. With so many Cyber attacks happening to major companies and entities over the past year, solidifying a strategy is important than ever.

3 bulkheads of Cybersecurity strategy
1. Prevention
2. Detection
3. Response

Some of the best practice to help to detect the risk includes identifying and documenting vulnerability internal an external potential business impact. The major security problems involve viruses, hackers, malware, and password cracking. These are the safety tips we can ensure while working in an organization.

 - Use antivirus software
 - Maintain a backup
 - Use strong passwords
 - Insert firewall, pop up blocker

By reviewing the threats and identifying risk responses. Only when we have a realistic viewpoint, we will be able to rebuild a new detection strategy.