How AR/VR helps Manufacturing Industries to embrace Industry 4.0

Today in the world of digitization of manufacturing, finding new business models and innovative solutions increases the productivity of its employees. Augmented and Virtual reality conveys this information and enables various new opportunities. The need of adopting AR VR in manufacturing generates real-time information which helps the employer to increase his efficiency and safety. The implementation of AR VR is going to change every part of the industry, taking forward the whole consumer process in the virtual world.

The future factories must be able to adapt to the new market trends to optimize the production processes to - Cut maintenance and repair costs, Achieve higher machine availability. Virtual reality improves the quality of products which increases client trust. AR is used by home décor apps to project the home to the clients. Virtual showrooms bring convenience and create a sense of comfort to potential customers. 3D models of virtual factories help the R&D teams to visualize processes and automation tools.

With increasing competition, manufacturing industries must recognize the need for smarter digital tools to increase overall profitability. By enhancing AR, VR tools they can optimize supply chains keeping up with the changing demands to increase productivity.