The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence- Post Covid 19 

No one predicted the global impact of COVID-19 coming. I don’t recollect the last time the entire world closed up shop and we abandoned the streets to isolate. The fallout has been devastating in so many different ways—at least for us humans.

But it’s a different story for machines.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has thrived in 2020 as people want to be connected, keep themselves entertained throughout, get medical assistance, answers and buy what they need. Some might think it has developed into its own, but the reality is that AI was already well established. It is however evolving more than it has since its inception in the 1950s.

So while we struggle physically and mentally in the “new normal” and our economies are finding their way back, AI is emerging from this crisis stronger than ever before.

AI such as robotics, automation, chatbots, virtual assistants, surveillance system, communication, and education has evolved and is widely used.

Will AI replace humans? Isn’t this always the question? 

The answer is always going to be a No. AI requires humans. According to Gartner, a global research and advisory company, the increasing uses of AI do not automatically mean redundancies and layoffs—in fact, AI adoption will actually create 2.3 million job opportunities. The shift in how we work and what our roles are might change, but AI-enabled solutions need AI professionals to monitor their continuous function and guide them, so they can move the business in the right direction.