Big Data

Big Data is nothing but the data which requires large datasets used in healthcare, geographic information systems, disaster recovery, and business informatics. It basically associates with three concepts. They are known as 3V’s.

•  Volume 

•  Variety

•  Velocity

Storage of More Data

The three main storage of big data are:

-> Access: 

It accesses the risk-free ability to all suitable data regardless of data formats, sources as well as a storage area. 

-> Speed: 

In order to increase its speed, a storage infrastructure requires low latency abilities and the capability to quickly scale up, inside and outside. 

-> Efficiency: 

The efficiency is based on computerized policy engines as well as analytics-driven data for managing and preserve data in the appropriate place.

Types of Big Data

1. Structured Data - Used in ERP, transactional data, hospital information systems, prescriptions, and payments records.

2. Unstructured Data - Used in consultation recordings, patient instructions, and social media discussions.

3. Instrumentation Data - Used in the barcode, RFID, video feeds, and sensors.

4. Diagnostic Data - Used in images, Vital sign monitors, and blood test results.

Benefits of Big Data

Helps in the transformation of business.

Makes innovation with lower costs.

Ensures high security and improved customer relations.

Makes better decisions with respect to the organization.

Future scope of Big Data

Currently, Big Data is the one that is influencing the IT industry like few technologies have done before. 

The data are collected from mobile devices, cloud computing and social media help different organizations to improve their business to another level. 

Recently, the Indian Prime Minister’s office is using Big Data analytics to understand Indian citizen’s sentiments and ideas through the platform and social media to get a clear picture of people’s thoughts and their opinion on government actions. 

Basically, it stands as a one-stop platform for cloud-based applications, online gaming, mobile applications, etc. 

All these required huge amounts of data processing where Big Data plays an immense role in the data processing.