5 companies using Artificial Intelligence in fascinating ways

Did you know that different captivating forms, the famous companies these days are using innovation to create full preparation of the user most useful for their customers?

One of those innovations that deal with the world for storm and is easily embraced by numerous companies, of course, of course, of course, the ideas manufactured (AI). This captivating innovation offers an enormous execution of applications on different companies. From the achievement of customers to make the difference upgrade their operations, divisions companies have been discovered for AI.

As popular tech giants and well-known companies like Apple, Google, and Tesla introduced groundbreaking updates and changes in the way society works and how machine learning technology communicates, many of us still worry deeply about our businesses, big and small. How the company uses artificial intelligence is confused. The world now.

Below are a handful of popular companies that lined artificial intelligence in a fascinating way!

 1. Twitter

From 2017, Twitter used artificial intelligence and natural language processing to evaluate a sea of tweets per second and caliber, such as tweets each of its users would find more relevant and interesting.

Be condemned not to take measures to end the hatred tweets on their platform, Twitter employed to address the problem. Technology is also used to adopt algorithms to mark any racist or extremist content on its platform when the massive amount of Tweets published every day occurs. Another subtle module that Twitter uses AI is using this technology to allow its users to recall photos.  The platform adopts neuronal networks to detect the most convincing portion of a photo to show in the miniature.

 2. Netflix

Netflix is a technical giant who put intelligence and artificial data at the heart of his operations. The company carefully employs artificial intelligence algorithms to recommend new content to its users. The content of personalized content that we see every time the platform opens is created by filtration through a massive volume of data and adopting AI.  Artificial intelligence is also used by Netflix to automatically generate custom miniatures for its users.

Another area where Netflix employs is in its optimized transmission. Netflix is also using artificial intelligence during the pre-production of its original shows and films, for example, scan the availability of possible actors and their positions to explore the perfect area for shooting.

3.  Google

The employment of Google Ai is linked to their interest in profound learning, in which artificial neuronal networks simulate the way in which the human brain processes data. Everything started with the Google Brain project in 2011, which has been developed a neuronal network for image recognition. Google is also an excellent use of AI through your Google server, which allows both voice and text input, using natural language processing. Facilitates various services, from vocal commands, voice research, expressive voice devices to be translated into real-time, etc.

Through Google services, profound learning has been used throughout, from natural language processing to offer user recommendations in the case of YouTube.  The Tensorflow Opensource machine learning programming platform allows users to create their own neuronal network solutions. Ai is also promoting the automatic efforts of the Google car, adding deep learning algorithms to its autonomous vehicles.

4. Uber

Uber uses AI to detect fraud, assess risks, during safety processes, for spending and assigning marketing, drivers, and combination of the cyclist, optimizing the path, as well as different parts remaining of his app.

Uber has more than 1 million customers and is deeply committed to customer service. Customers looking for help or assistance need to connect to the most relevant agent in the department, and this task is perfectly done by artificial intelligence.

AI also assists its agents in responding appropriately to customer inquiries, which has increased Uber's efficiency in this area by more than 10% and has also significantly improved customer satisfaction.

5. Amazon

AI is at the heart of some of Amazon's most popular projects. The most important aspect of Amazon's artificial intelligence integration is Alexa, Amazon's voice-controlled virtual assistant, which can perform natural language processing and machine learning to process user queries and perform operations such as ordering products or managing smart home devices.

For Amazon Go convenience stores, machine vision and algorithms help track when customers choose the item to purchase without the need for human cashiers. Amazon's product recommendation technology differentiates platforms for all users and recommends products that customers may prefer to purchase in the future by interpreting user purchases.